Project Initiation & Definition
Define the project
Project Definition document
Project Planning
Generate Tasks
(PM Tool*) Work Breakdown Structures.
Determine Roles & Responsibilities
Responsibility matrix.
Develop Estimates
(PMTool*) Effort & Duration estimates.
Define task Dependencies Analysis. Interdependencies & Critical Path
(PMTool*) Project Network / Critical Path
Develop schedule
(PMTool*) Gantt Chart.
Perform Resource Loading & Leveling
(PMTool*) Resource Loading.
Generate Project Budget
(PMTool*) Project Budget & Graph.
Develop Risk Management
Prevention and Contingencies.
Project Execution & Control
Ongoing Execution & Control
Track & Manage Project, Scope, Status reports,
Plans, Issue Management, Change Control
Documentation, Milestones(Programming, Unit & User Acceptance Testing, Quality Assurance, Contingencies, Project Implementation/ Rollout)
Unit & Costs.
Monitor /Report Actuals vs Planned Budgets
Project Close-Out
Perform Post Project Review
Client Project History documentation.
Recommendations & Improvements.
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